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    An IPO (Initial Public Offering) is an initial public offering of a company’s shares on a stock exchange. It is one of the most popular ways for investors to make money in the stock markets and for the issuing company to raise money for business development.

    In fact, an IPO is the potential to invest in a promising business first, with the prospect of large returns associated with risk.

    All IPO information is provided in the company card. Here you will find a summary of the issuer’s activities as well as IPO details, including share price range, capitalisation estimate and start date.

    Every company wishing to go public goes through several stages:

    1. Preparation. The company’s operations are analysed and reports are generated to understand how many stocks can be issued. This stage can take several years.
    2. The application process. The company prepares a prospectus outlining its financial results and milestones for future development. The purpose for which the prospective issuer has gone public is also outlined.
    3. Road show. Meetings with investors are necessary to obtain initial offers and to create an application list. This stage allows demand to be assessed and a final decision to be taken on the number of shares to be issued and their value.
    4. Going public. An online IPO is conducted. For private investors, brokers make it possible, for example, you can do it through us.

    There is good money to be made from public offerings. But before investing, it is worthwhile familiarising yourself with the IPO research of the chosen issuer. 

    Why focus on an IPO? After a public offering, there is strong demand among investors, which has an impact on the share price: you can see a surge on the first day. It is easy to profit from this growth, but it is important to make an informed choice and listen to analysts’ opinions.

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